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Enforcement Agent

Ricardo M. Oliveira 

Professional card n.º 4967

Executive process for payment of certain amount

Commercial, civil, labor, food and administrative debts in accordance with the Law.

Competence throughout the national territory.

Seizures of assets, rights and credits;
Sale/adjudication of seized assets
The entire execution of the executive process, including summons and notifications.

Delivery of the right thing and Provision of fact.

Delivery of movable, immovable and movable assets subject to registration, negative and positive de facto payments. Competence throughout the national territory.

Conducting the executive process for delivery of the right thing and de facto provision, including notifications and summons.


Notifications from NRAU, in the districts of Porto, Braga and Aveiro.

Evictions within the scope of the National Rental Counter - territorial jurisdiction in the municipalities of: Valongo, Gondomar, Maia, Santo Tirso, Paços de Ferreira and Paredes.

Notification of tenants under the terms of the NRAU - by personal contact. Special Eviction Procedure, after the issuance of the eviction permit, by the National Rental Desk.

Other competences

Competence to intervene in acts and procedures in other processes, in accordance with the Law.

Citations in declaratory proceedings;
Notifications in the form of a citation;
Citations in inventory process;
Separate judicial notifications.
Notification in injunction proceedings - by personal contact.

Opening hours/hearing with the Enforcement Agent: Monday to Friday from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. 
Other times subject to prior appointment.

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