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Legal Verification Report

Legal Veritication Report 

The Legal Verification Report is a record of facts and situations for future memory, which would otherwise be difficult to prove, often avoiding the use of testimonial evidence or even the use of judicial proceedings.

The Solicitor uses a countless number of methods to collect elements on site, whether photographic, audio or video, measurements of the most varied types and prepares a document describing, in detail, the situations and circumstances that are to be preserved.

Examples where you can apply the Auto of Verification:

  • Accidents;

  • Acts of vandalism;

  • Lease;

  • Defect in works;

  • Existence of SMS, among others.

This document is deposited on an electronic platform supervised by the Order of Solicitors and Execution Agents, and is subsequently archived in the Solicitor's office, with the applicant provided with a certificate that he or she can later present in litigation.

Solicitor qualified by OSAE

Ricardo M. Oliveira - cp 4967

Reviewing the Law

Request for Verification Report

Attention: sending the form only allows the opening of a dossier. The analysis of the request and the documents necessary for its processing require a preliminary meeting. By sending this form you authorize M. Oliveira Solicitadores to process the data provided.

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